Moving forward with less

I originally started this draft over 2 years ago now with simply the title while I was going through my divorce. I just kept feeling that while relief from the storm, no, the bloody hurricane.. that I was also incredibly aware what I had lost; an entire family. No more husband, no more sisters and brothers no more nieces or in-laws, I was feeling light and heavy all at once, talk about a heart attack, every emotion was under attack.

Being true to myself I knew that life would keep going, that I would keep going, but this time it was just me and my reset button, like I had just cleared out my hard drive of life, praying for the reboot to come with relief for smoother operating days ahead.

Moving foreword;positive
With less; life altering

I guess its up to us how we translate, digest and execute our experiences for the chapters that lie ahead. If we face the music and pay attention during our rainy days, do we then move with less or do we gain, even if in some painful way?


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