This one word

My newborn blog has been created and will be woven together daily, weekly, monthly, by what I believe to be the most powerful word known to every language, Love.
30 years of heart beats has brought me to this place of reverence and adoration of this highly misused and abused, fearfully core reaching, biologically nutritious, attractive word that I only want more of.
My years of attempts to understand it has only left me more humbled, more human, more certain that it’s crucial for the cure and more curious , So the beat goes on, this time with an audience.
Something we all desire, but don’t all have.
Something we all hear but don’t all feel.
Something we all recall but don’t all acclaim.

A universal word bearing so many different meanings to so many different people, how could we ever unite and agree on one clear definition of its name? Do we need to? Is this what keeps us individual, unique?

Are we robbing ourselves of character when we neglect love in all or any of its forms, a strong solid metal tin, a fortress no doubt, but with a hollow inside?
They say you receive the love you give… But you can’t receive if you don’t give. Where do we learn this?

When I view my life as one big book or story, it makes it easy for me to digest it all in chapters as if an actual book or story being told. I feel we all have a story to be told and this I call our “Life Book”. In mine, representing the years I’ve been alive, I am currently on chapter 30 and its quite the read so far.

I’ve  been pulled in by the desire to absorb and understand Love in all its forms. Not just the John Cusack 1980’s romantic comedy with him standing outside of my window with a ghetto blaster on his shoulders hollywood kind, but perhaps the bigger than one’s self kind, the driving force behind this world and all that resides within it. My personal experiences, with my steadfast interest, I continually turn over new soil to seek new information in what can be created by these 4 letters, not to mention what can be un-done. All that we are surrounded by or choose to surround ourselves with. This entry kicks off the potential of some lightly seasoned or heavily marinated posts to be of my undergoing take and process of this…one….word.


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